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Dreams and Self Empowerment


Carole is an amazing dream analyst working with dreams for 30+ years. 

In this 3 hour workshop she will take us on a journey to understand what our dreams are there for, how they can be used for your own personal growth. 

Bring a dream along, if you have one, and Carole will help us understand how to interpret our dream world!

The Healing Circle Day Retreat for Women


To all you amazing women looking for some time out to re-connect with yourself at a deeper and more intuitive level.

Join us for a magical day, full of insight and deep connection.

We will journey through the day exploring who we really are through talks whilst letting go of our stress, worries and pain through the singing bowls and meditation.

Come and be part of a small retreat in Maldon, Essex where you can let go of the outside world and connect with your inner world whilst being supported by the community within the circle.

This is a special day mapped out just for you.

Contact Marion if you want to join “The Healing Circle”.

Do you get feelings of self-doubt about your personal competence?

Do you sometimes feel that others see you differently than you see yourself?

Do you stop doing things you love because you feel you aren’t good enough to do it?

Then this is what we call the Imposter Syndrome. We feel that we are pretending that we are confident and secure when we aren’t. This can be all the time or on certain occasions.

People tell you that you are amazing at certain things or just generally and you just can’t see it.

Come along to a talk with Fiona who sometimes feels that she isn’t confident in certain areas of her life.

Join the conversation so that you can have an insight as to how to become more confident.

Big love Marion x

As humans, we are continuously falling in to who we really are and away from who we are towards low self esteem.

If you became consciously aware that you had just fallen out of the magnificent, loving, caring and creative person that you are and into one of these patterns, you could drop it and get back to a more peaceful state of mind more quickly.

Come along and discover what these 4 patterns are so that you can more easily live a more peaceful, mindful life.

Just a little taster… number 1 is The Prostitute!!

Big love Mx


One of the biggest reasons for low self esteem is that you have no idea that you are full of inner power.

When we struggle with managing our lives and relationships it is because we believe that we are at the mercy of the outside world.  It’s like being on a boat, without the oars. 

When you discover you have a magical power within you and start to live from the inside out, your life will change enormously and things like anxiety and depression fall away.

Come along and hear about how to connect with your inner power!

Big love M x